Upcoming Sermons for 2020


A Gift to Share

We have been given a great gift that we are to share with the world. What is it, and why is it important to share? What do we do after we share? And what gets in the way of our sharing? These are some of the questions this series seeks to address.

Feb. 2 The Gift of Life – John's gospel tells us of an incredible gift that is for all people. It is a gift like no other, and it alone can change the world. 

Feb. 9 Go and Tell – Have you encountered the love and grace of God? Do you know what it is like to hit bottom and look up and see Jesus reaching for you to pull you up? Don't just sit there, tell someone about it.

Feb. 16 What Do We Do Now? – Okay, we've shared the gift, and people have responded. Now what?

Feb. 23 Let's Talk – We know we should share the incredible gift of God's love, but sometimes it is hard, if not impossible. Just what is it that gets in our way? And what can we do about it?

Through the Eyes of Children

A Lenten journey that explores serious issues of faith by using some humorous letters children have written to God.

Mar. 1 The Impact of Bowling Words – Words matter. People listen. Lives are impacted. ‘Nuff said?.

Mar. 8 God Don’t Make No Accidents – Did God goof when He made the giraffe? Did God mess up when He made me?.

Mar. 15 How About My Brother?– Was God really serious about the Golden Rule?

Mar. 22 Is God an American? – Well, is He?

Mar. 29 How Do You Do It? – How can God love everybody when I can’t love the few people in my family?

Crown Him With Many Crowns

A post-Easter exploration of Jesus using the words of the beloved, old hymn.

Apr. 19 A Matchless King – A king who didn’t come to be served, but to serve.

Apr. 26 We Have a Winner – Jesus fought it out with sin and death…AND WON!

May 3 A Sweet Fragrance– How sweet is the fragrance of peace.

May 10 Behold! –Join Thomas in seeing Jesus'scars. Then join Thomas in proclaiming, “My Lord and my God!”

Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying

Why do we pray? What happens? Does God answer? And what if we don’t like the answer?

June 21 What Happens When We Pray? 

June 28 What Should We Pray? – The disciples asked the same question. Check out Jesus’ answer.

July 5 Does God Answer our Prayers?– Well, does He?

July 12 When God Says “No” – If God loves us how can He say “no”? What do we do if He does?

The Old Testament Today

Do Christians need to worry about the Old Testament? Does it still matter to us today?

July 26 Does the Old Testament Matter? 

Aug. 2 God’s Perspective, Part 1 – Who do we worship?

Aug. 9 God’s Perspective, Part 2– How are our relationships?

Aug 16 What’s the Big Deal About Tithing? 

Aug. 23 Focus on the Family – Some good stuff in there about how to build and keep a strong family.

Aug. 30 What about Those “Other Parts?” – What do we do with the stuff that doesn’t seem to apply, or doesn’t seem to matter?

Sept. 6 Coming Full Circle – The Old Testament is not a strait jacket for us to use to control others, but a guide for rich, abundant living.

September and Beyond

Rev. Williams plans each year's messages during his annual planning retreat which takes place sometime during the months of July or August. Watch this page starting in August for a list of the sermons that will be offered beginning in September.